How to Unlock All Abilities on "Shaolin Monks"

By Jess Kroll

Updated September 22, 2017

If life were a video game, this monk would be able to run up walls and punch through them.
i buddhist monk image by Melissa Schalke from

"Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks" is an action-adventure game for PlayStation 2 and Xbox that includes numerous unlockables, including game modes, characters and abilities. Unlike most "Mortal Kombat" games "Shaolin Monks" focuses primarily on an adventure mode, allowing players to unlock characters for the arcade mode by progressing through the story. Each ability allows the character to reach or access new areas, allowing progress in the story. Often, new abilities aren't obtainable until another is unlocked, making it impossible to skip content.


Unlock the Long Jump ability. Defeat the Oni Warlord in Goro's Lair and grab the power-up coin. Long Jump increases your character's jumping ability.

Unlock the Fist of Ruin. Defeat Kitana in the Wu Shi Academy and grab the power-up coin. Fist of Ruin allows players to smash through statues and other such objects.

Unlock the Wall Run. Return to the area of the Wu Shi Academy with the aqueducts and fire and run along the top of the wall until a statue blocks the path. Use the Fist of Ruin to smash through the statues. Locate the Wall Run coin in the new area. Wall Run allows the character to run along walls.

Unlock the Wall Climb. Defeat Reptile in the Living Forest and grab the power-up coin. Wall Climb allows the character to climb up walls.

Unlock the Wall Jump. After defeating Baraka and exiting the Soul Tombs portal to the Wu Shi Academy, run along the flowing water using the Wall Run ability and smash the statue with the Fist of Ruin. Jump below to obtain the Wall Jump ability. Wall Jump allows the character to jump or kick off of walls.

Unlock the Double Jump. Defeat Goro in the Wastelands. Double Jump allows the character to quickly leap twice to escape or reach new areas.

Unlock the Swing ability. Swing can be unlocked in two ways, either head to the portal area where Sub-Zero left your party and enter the Dead Pool and launch five enemies onto the hooks hanging above, or defeat Scorpion in the Netherrealm. Grab the power-up coin to let your character use pieces of the environment to swing across gaps.