How to Earn Power Up Rewards Points

by Ryan Gracia ; Updated September 22, 2017

For video gamers who want more for their money, GameStop has created a way to get extra benefits for buying their products. You can sign up to become a PowerUp Rewards member where you earn rewards points each time you make a purchase at a GameStop store. The PowerUp Rewards membership card is a free way for you to get more value for the video games you buy.

Stop by your local GameStop video game store and tell the salesperson you would like to obtain a PowerUp Rewards membership card.

Sign up to become a member. You can do so by giving your phone number and email address to the store clerk. He will then give you a membership card, which can be used instantly. As a member, you will receive invitations for events, as well as special GameStop promotions and offers via email.

Make a purchase at GameStop. By dong so, PowerUp Rewards points will be awarded onto your membership card. The number of points awarded to your card depends on the price of your purchase.

Go online to Gamestop.com to choose your rewards from the Rewards Catalog. Rewards include exclusive collector's items, GameStop gift cards and store merchandise.

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