How to Move Images From Your Computer to Your iPhone

By Joy Uyeno

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • iPhone

  • iTunes

  • Charging Cable

  • iPhoto, Aperture, Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements

Once you have an iPhone on you at all times, you will naturally want to use it to show off all those pictures you've been storing on your computer. Adding photos to your iPhone photo library is simple once you have the latest version of iTunes installed. Those transferring images from a Macintosh using iPhoto 6.0.6 or later may have the option to sync videos from iPhoto to your iPhone.

Plug your iPhone into the USB connection on your computer. Open iTunes and select your iPhone from the devices list on the left side of the screen. The contents of your phone will pop up. Click on the tab called "Photos."

Select the iPhoto or Aperture options from the pop-up menu, if you are using a Macintosh. For Windows PC users, select Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements.

To sync every photo you have stored on your computer's photo album, choose the option for "All photos, albums, events and faces." To select among your photos, select the option "Selected albums, events and faces." If you choose the second option, you will then choose the albums you want.

Select "Apply" to initiate the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, click the eject icon next to the iPhone icon on the devices list in iTunes. Unplugging your iPhone prior to clicking the eject icon may result in losing some of your data.