How to Boost Your TV Remote Signal

By MayankJ

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Batteries

  • Signal booster

TV remote signals can weaken with distance, interference or low batteries.
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A remote control sends a TV or cable box instructions to perform certain functions, such as changing the channel or increasing volume. When the TV or cable box seems to miss the directions given by the remote, the remote signal might not have enough strength to make it to those devices. Boosting the signal can help eliminate the problem.

Remove any interference. Items that interrupt the signal, such as an item set in front of the TV or cable box, might block the signal. Removing the items and placing them elsewhere will fix the signal interference.

Change the batteries in the remote. Remote signals weaken as batteries lose power. Sometimes the best way to boost the signal is putting in new batteries.

Set up a digital signal booster. Digital TVs and remotes can use a signal booster, which is also called an aerial amplifier, to increase signal strength and distance for the remote. These are placed in front of the TV, next to the area where the TV picks up remote signals. They pick up the signal from the remote and increase the strength so that the TV picks up the signal better.