How to Put Emulators on an Xbox Tutorial

By Jeff Grundy

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Xbox with modded firmware

  • FTP client program

  • RJ-45 network cable

  • PC with network connection

  • Router

  • Emulator files

  • ROM files

Whenever you purchase a gaming console such as the Xbox, you are usually limited to playing games made for that particular gaming system. However, if you want to play games designed for other gaming consoles on your Xbox, there's a way to achieve this – emulators. Emulators made for the Xbox allow you to load and run games designed for play on other gaming platforms. For instance, there are emulators that allow you run games designed for rival products like the PS2 and the Nintendo Wii, and there even emulators that will allow you to play arcade classics like “Asteroids” and “PacMan” on the Xbox. Installing emulators on the Xbox is not for a beginner; however,the task is achievable.

Download emulator files for other gaming consoles you want to emulate on your Xbox. Download ROM games files for use with emulated console. The ROM files contain the actual game data; whereas, the emulator files are the files needed to make the Xbox operate like another type of gaming console. Save all of the files to your PC.

Connect the RJ-45 cable to the Ethernet port on the Xbox, then power on the console. Connect the other end of the cable to your network router. Wait for the router to initialize the network connection and assign an IP address to the Xbox.

Go to the PC, then click “Start” and then “Computer.” Click the “Network” link in the left pane of the window. Double-click the Xbox link under “Media Devices” in the left-side of the window.

Click “Start” and then “Computer” again to open a second window. Resize both “Computer” windows so that you can see them on your monitor.

Double-click the “G” drive letter link in the Xbox browser window to open the drive folder. Use the second “Computer” window to browse to the folder where you saved your downloaded emulator file. Drag and drop the emulator file from the folder on your PC to the “G” drive on the Xbox.

Double-click on the ROM file saved on your computer to open it in Windows Notepad. Click “Edit," "Find” on the menu bar. Search for all instances of “/emulators/Roms” in the ROM file, then replace the text with “E:/emulators/Roms.” Save the ROM file in Notepad.

Browse to the “E” drive on the Xbox “Computer.” Drag and drop the ROM files you downloaded and edited from the PC to the “E” drive on the Xbox. Close both “Computer” windows.

Scroll to the “Emulator” option in your Xbox dashboard, then press the “X” button on the controller. Use the controller to click the “Install” option under the “Emulator” menu. Wait for the Xbox to install the emulator files on the console hard drive. Reboot the consoled after it finishes installing the emulator.

Scroll to the “Emulator” menu again, then click the “Play” option. Scroll to the ROM file of the game you want to play, then press the “X” button to click the option and launch the game on the Xbox.