How to Make Flash Games Run Slower

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

Flash is special software that enhances the web browsing experience by supporting multimedia content. One application of Flash is games, and plenty of free Flash games are available on the Internet. All that is required to play these games is the correct plug-in for your browser, which you can find on the Adobe website. For Flash games that run too fast, you can use methods to slow them down to a more playable speed or give yourself a competitive advantage.

Navigate to any free flash game site and start a game.

Wait for the game to finish loading then right-click on the game screen. Move your mouse over the "Quality" menu and click "High." This will improve the quality of the visuals and make the game run slower if the default setting was on medium or high.

Click the "Full screen" option if the game or site where it is hosted supports it. Running Flash games in full screen mode is more performance-intensive and will slow down the game. If the site or game does not give you the option to play in full screen mode, right-click anywhere on the page the game is embedded and click "View page info."

Click the "Media" tab and scroll through the list until you see the file that ends with the "SWF" extension. Right-click on the file and "copy" and "paste" the address into your browser navigation toolbar. The game will now open in full screen mode.

Right-click on the Flash game and click "Settings." Click the first tab on the pop-up window and deselect the checkbox next to "Enable hardware acceleration." This will make the Flash game run slower, especially if it has 3D visuals.

Download a CPU speed adjuster like the free one from AdrianBoeing (see Resources). Using CPU adjuster programs will slow down the entire computer, not just the game, so use it with caution.