How to Install N64 Games Onto Xbox

By Nicholas Wyatt

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Surreal 64

  • Nintendo 64 ROMs

  • CAT 5 Ethernet cable

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The Xbox is a next-generation console that allows DVD playback with a separate DVD remote and sensor and allows you to go online. You can also rip CD music tracks to your console hard drive. With a soft-modded or hard-modded Xbox system, you can install and play a Nintendo 64 emulator. To install a Nintendo 64 emulator, your Xbox needs to be soft-modded with Evolution X or another custom dashboard or be hard-modded with a modchip.

Navigate to the Source Forge website and click on the "Download Now" button to save the Surreal 64 emulator to your computer (see Resources). Extract the emulator to a directory on your computer by browsing for a directory and clicking "OK" to save the program to the specific directory.

Check the compatibility list for the Surreal 64 emulator at the Google Documents website to see which games will play with the emulator (see Resources). Download game ROMs at different ROM websites. Extract the game ROMs onto your computer by dragging and dropping the ROM into a directory on your computer.

Connect a CAT 5 Ethernet cable from an available CAT 5 Ethernet port on your computer to the CAT 5 Ethernet port on the back of the Xbox.

Turn on your Xbox and go to the "Settings" of your dashboard by pressing "A" on the "Settings" button. Make note of your Xbox IP address. It should be in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Download an FTP software and install the program to your computer by double-clicking on the set-up file and clicking "Next" when prompted. Choose a directory to install the program to by browsing for the directory and clicking on it to save the program to your computer. Open the FTP program by double-clicking on the program icon on the desktop.

Go to "File" and "Quick Connect." Enter in your Xbox IP address into the IP box. Enter the username and password as "Xbox." Enter "21" as the port. Click the "Connect" button to connect to your Xbox. The Xbox drive will be shown on the right side of the FTP program, and the computer drive will be shown on the left side. Drag and drop the items you would like to transfer to your Xbox by clicking once on the specific item and holding. Drop the item in the specified drive on the Xbox.

Create a folder on the computer and name it "Emulators." Place the Surreal 64 emulator into the "emulators" folder and transfer the folder to the E:/ drive on the Xbox. Transfer ROMs to Xbox E:/ drive from computer drive by dragging and dropping the ROMs.


Modding and installing homebrew software on your Xbox voids your warranty.