How to Download Movie Subtitles

By Claire Louise

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet connection

  • VLC Player

Downloaded subtitles are an easy and useful addition to a movie.
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There are many reasons why you might need to download subtitles for a movie. The movie might have been recorded in a language that you do not understand, you might want to send the movie to a friend who does not speak the movie's language or perhaps you are hearing impaired and wish to read as you watch. Thankfully, there are many websites today that have subtitles available for you to download, and the process of doing so is very fast and easy.

Visit one of the many subtitle sites available on the Internet. Some of the most user-friendly ones include,, and

Navigate to the search bar on the website and type in the name of the movie for which you'd like to have subtitles. Choose the language in which you'd like the movie subtitled.

Download the file and save it to your computer, preferably in the same folder that contains the original movie file.

Open VLC player, or download it for free at Click "Advanced open file." Click the "Browse" button and select your movie file.

Tick "Load subtitles file." Click the settings button; click the "Browse" button and select the subtitle file you recently downloaded.

Click "OK" and then click "Open." Your movie should be playing along with the newly added subtitles.