How to Reinstall Big Fish Game Manager

By Seth Amery

Updated September 28, 2017

Big Fish Games is a website that offers numerous games across a multitude of different genres. For example, you can play word, strategy, puzzle, action or adventure games. Furthermore, you can play these games on a Windows computer or on an Apple Macintosh computer. In order to play them, however, you must install them through Big Fish Games Manager. If you are having difficulty with this program, you may choose to reinstall it.

Press "Start," type "Control Panel" and press "Enter" if you use Windows. Click "Programs" and "Programs and Features," followed by "Big Fish Games Manager." Click "Uninstall."

Right-click "Big Fish Games Manager" on your desktop if you use an Apple computer. Click "Move to Trash."

Download the Big Fish Games Manager from its official website (see Resources).

Double-click the installation file and follow the instructions to complete installation.