How to Make My Hacked Wii Have Factory Settings

By J.S. Copper

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii can be “hacked” to allow third-party applications and channels, such as the “Homebrew Channe," on the device. If your Wii has been hacked, Nintendo firmware updates can potentially cause harm to your system. Restoring the Wii to its original factory settings is fairly simple. You must reformat the Wii’s system memory.

Power on your Nintendo Wii by pressing the “Power” button on the Wii remote or on the front of the console.

Select “Wii Options” from the main menu. The Wii Options button is located in the lower-left corner.

Select “Wii Settings.” Navigate through the settings menu and select “Format Wii System Memory.”

Confirm the option to format the system memory. This will delete all user data on the system and restore the Wii to its original factory settings. Once complete, you will need to reconfigure the device.