How to Run PS2 Games From Flash Drive

By Jeff Grundy

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Swap Magic software

  • Blank CD disc

  • PC with CD/DVD burner drive

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If you have a Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) game console, you are probably accustomed to inserting a disc in to unit and then playing your games. However, you can play games on the PS2 from a USB flash drive or hard drive instead of using discs susceptible to damage from scratches or even sunlight. Playing games from a USB storage device will also save on wear and tear of the laser lens inside the PS2. You must use third-party software products to play games from a USB drive, but the result will allow you to store hundreds of games on a single flash drive or hard drive.

Download the “USB Advance” application and save it to your computer (see Resources). Browse to the folder where you saved the “USB Advance” file. Right-click on the file name. Click the “Extract Here” option on the pop-up menu.

Wait for Windows to extract two additional files from the downloaded “ZIP” file. Copy the two new files to the “C:\” root directory or folder of your hard drive. Highlight the two extracted files, then press the “Ctrl” and “C” keys at the same time. Browse to the “C:\” drive in “Computer.” Press the “Ctrl” and “V” keys at the same time to copy the files to the root directory.

Download the “USB Extreme” application (see Resources). Save the “USB Extreme” file in the same folder where you saved the “USB Advance” file. Extract the “USB Extreme” file in the same way you did the “USB Advance” file.

Insert a blank CD or DVD disc into your computer’s burner drive. Burn all the extracted “USB Advance” and “USB Extreme” files to the disc.

Connect the USB flash drive or USB hard drive to your computer. Wait for Windows to configure the drive for use.

Insert a PS2 game disc into the optical drive of your computer.

Click “Start.” Enter “cmd” in the search box. Press the “Enter” key.

Enter “C:\” at the “Command Prompt” to change directories.

Copy the PS2 game to the USB drive by entering “ul_install [Source Drive][Target Drive][Game Name][CD or DVD]” at the “Command Prompt.”

Change the “[Source Drive]” parameter to the drive letter for your optical drive. Change the “[Target Drive]” parameter to the drive letter for your USB flash drive. Change the “[Game Name]” parameter to the full name of the game on the PS2 disc. Change the “[CD or DVD]” parameter to “CD” or “DVD” depending upon the size of the PS2 game. If the game is less than 700MB, enter “CD.” If the game is larger than 700MB, enter “DVD.”

A properly formatted command line would like similar to: “ul_install D G SomePS2GameName DVD.”

Insert the “Swap Magic” application disc into the PS2 console. Turn on the system. Allow the Swap Magic application to start. When the Swap Magic menu screen appears on your television, remove the “Swap Magic” CD and insert the disc you burned earlier into the PS2 drive.

Close the disc tray on the PS2. Allow the “USB Advance” software to load. When the “USB Extreme” menu appears, insert the USB drive into an empty slot on the front of the PS2.

Wait for data load from the USB drive. Press the “X” button on the controller to launch the game.