How to Access iPhone Voice Mail Remotely

by Austin CrossUpdated September 28, 2017
phone, image by Vladimirs Koskins from Fotolia.com

One day you may accidentally leave your iPhone at home, at a friend's house or at the office. Because cell phones are so small and slender, they may slip out of your hand or purse resulting in damage. Accidentally falling into the toilet is one of the most common ways that phones are damaged. When this occurs, you may need to find out if you are missing any important or time-sensitive phone calls. There is a simple way to access your iPhone's voicemail from another phone that will make this possible.

Call your iPhone number from a touch-tone phone.

Press the * button when your voice mail greeting begins to play. This will prompt you to enter your voice mail password.

Enter your voice mail password and then press the # button. This will give you access to your voice mail menu.

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