How to Get Three Wells in "Wishing Wells"

By Amy Kingston

Updated September 22, 2017

Each Webkinz pet has a secret code that is used to enter the Webkinz World on the Internet. "Wishing Wells" is a game featured in the Webkinz World Arcade that allows you to earn KinzCash to purchase items such as clothes, toys and furniture for your pet in the shopping section. If you get three wishing wells in the Wishing Well game, you earn prizes or KinzCash. You have five wishes, or chances, to earn prizes. You can get unlimited chances to win prizes on the Wishing Well game.

Log in on the Webkinz website. Go to the Arcade and click on the Wishing Well game.

Click the “Make Wish” icon. Watch the middle row to see if three wishing wells appear. If you do not get three wishing wells, proceed to Step 3. If you receive three wishing wells, skip to Step 4.

Click the “X” in the upper right corner to exit the game before all images appear. The wish will not register and you will still have five wishes left when you restart the game. Open the Wishing Well game again. Click the “Make Wish” icon and see if three wishing wells appear. Repeat this step until you receive three wishing wells.

Allow the page to load fully when you receive three wishing wells in the middle row. The wish will register and you will receive the prizes or KinzCash earned during the game.


Attempting to use cheat codes on the Webkinz site can result in the termination of your account. If your account is closed for using cheat codes, you will not be able to use your pet codes to open a new account.