How to Get Exp. Share in Pokemon Pearl

By Katelyn Kelley

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Oreburgh City gym badge

  • 35 or more entries in your Sinnoh Pokédex

The Exp. Share is a special item you can give to one of your Pokémon in "Pokémon Pearl." When your Pokémon holds this item, it will gain battle experience points every time you battle, even if the Pokémon doesn't participate in the battle. With the Exp. Share you can train multiple Pokémon in a single battle so your team levels up faster. The Exp. Share is also useful if you have one low-level Pokémon that needs to gain experience quickly to catch up with the higher-level Pokémon in your party.

Visit Eterna City.

Battle and defeat the Eterna City gym leader, Gardenia.

Walk south from the gym and enter the tunnel leading to Route 206.

Talk to Professor Rowan's lab assistant inside the tunnel and he'll give you the Exp. Share item.

Press "X" to access your inventory and select the Exp. Share in the "Items" pocket.

Press "A" and the command "Give" to give the item to one of the six Pokémon in your traveling party.

Use the D-pad to highlight the Pokemon you've chosen and press the "A" button to confirm. If the Pokémon is already holding an object, the game will prompt you to swap them. Press "A" again to confirm this choice.


Place the Pokémon with the Exp. Share in any position in your party except the first position. The Pokémon in the first position always enters every battle and gains experience points normally. You want the Exp. Share to go to a Pokémon that's not likely to enter the battle.

Give the Exp. Share to a lower level Pokémon when you enter big battles like those against your rival or the gym leaders. These battles give Pokémon a large amount of experience all at once.


The Exp. Share is only available once in the game, unless you win the Jubilife TV station lotto, so don't accidentally leave it in the hands of a Pokémon you trade to a friend or you will lose it.