How to Open Up Your NAT Settings on Xbox

By Karen Adams

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Router's model number

  • Router's manual

NAT settings don't have to interrupt your Xbox experience.
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The Network Address Translation (NAT) settings for Xbox 360 present troubles for you when set to "Moderate or Strict." Ideally, when running an Xbox LIVE test, your settings show as "Open," which allows you to connect faster. However, your NAT settings may show as "Moderate or Strict" if you have a wired or wireless Xbox connection to your router. You can fix your restricted NAT settings with changes to your router's setup.

Fix Your IP Address

Turn on your Xbox 360 and navigate to "My Xbox," and then click "System Settings," and select "Network Options." Click "Edit Settings" and then "Advanced Settings." Xbox shows your "Wired Mac Address" or "Wireless Mac Address." Write down this sequence.

Click "Start," "Internet Explorer" and type in your router's setup page address and hit "Enter." Consult your owner's manual for your router's setup page address. For example, Netgear's setup page is located at "," which you type into your browser's address bar. Enter and submit your router login information if the router requires it.

Click "LAN IP Setup" on the router setup page. Look at the "DHCP Address Range" ( to and then choose an address in between these numbers, such as "" or "" Then write this number down. Click "Address Reservation" beneath. A page opens with entry boxes for DHCP address and MAC address.

Enter the chosen address from the "DHCP Address Range." In the next box, type in the MAC address from your Xbox.

Type in the MAC Address from your Xbox LIVE's "Advance Settings."

Name your Xbox device, and then click "Add."

Save the new settings to your router, and then reboot your Xbox 360 and visit your dashboard to see that it uses the new IP address.

Turn on UPnP

Click "System Settings" and then set your Xbox's IP address to "Auto."

Click "Start," "Internet Explorer." Type in your router's setup page address in your browser and hit "Enter." For Netgear, visit "" For Linksys, go to "," and for Belkin G routers, go to "" to load the settings in your browser.

Click "Advanced Settings" and then "UPnP Settings." Click to turn UPnP "On," and then save your settings.

Reboot your router as well as the Xbox 360. Select "My Xbox" from the main menu on the Xbox. Select "System Settings," then "Network Settings," and "Test Xbox Live Connection." Look at your NAT status. It says "Open."

Netgear DG834G Problems

Turn on your Xbox 360 and navigate to "My Xbox," then click "System Settings," and then go to "Network Options." Click "Edit Settings" and then "Advanced Settings." Xbox shows your "IP Address." Write this sequence down.

Visit your router's setup page then click "WAN Setup." Type the IP address in the "Default DMZ Server" area.

Click to check the "Default DMZ Server" box, and then click "Apply" and save the changes.

Reboot the router and run Xbox LIVE Test and see if the connection is "Open."


Turn on your Xbox and connect it to your router. Click "Start," "Internet Explorer" on your computer and type in the address for your router's setup page. Click "Network Setup Menu," and then click "DHCP Reservation." Click on "Reserve." You can manually reserve an IP address by typing in the MAC address of your Xbox.

Open "My Xbox," then "System Settings, and "Network Settings." Set your IP address to "Auto."

Reboot the Xbox and then check the "System Settings" for the same IP address that you reserved.

Open your router's setup page and click "Applications and Gaming" then "DMZ." Click to "Enable DMZ." The "Source IP Address" box now shows "Any IP Address."

Click on "DHCP Client table," and then look for your Xbox MAC address on the list. Click "Save Settings."

Click "Security" and click "Firewall" from your router's setup page. Click to remove a check from "Filter Anonymous Internet Requests," and then save settings.

Run Xbox LIVE Test to ensure your NAT settings are "Open."

Belkin Routers

Click "Start," "Internet Explorer." Visit your router's setup page at "," and then click "System Settings."

Locate the UPnP in advanced settings at the bottom left of the page.

Click "Change" and then click the "Enable UPnP on Radio" button. Click "Apply Changes."

Turn off the router and wait 10 seconds, and then power it back up again.

Run Xbox LIVE Test to check NAT settings. It must say "Open."

Find "DMZ Settings" in the "Firewall" menu of your Belkin setup page.

Enter "120" under the section "IP Address of Virtual DMZ Host" so that your IP address is "" and then click "Apply Changes."

Turn off the router then wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on. Run the Xbox Live Test and see if your NAT is "Open."