How to Get the Mystery Gift in Pokemon FireRed Without the Wireless Adapter

By James Hannon

Updated September 22, 2017

The "Mystery Gift" is an item that allows players to access many of the deepest secrets in "Pokemon FireRed" for the Game Boy Advance. The item has many uses, from gaining access to secret areas in the game to changing Pokemon in the Altering Cave area. The "Mystery Gift" can give you access to ticket items given in Nintendo Events throughout the world, allowing you to get new secret Pokemon. There is no need for a wireless adapter to get this hidden item, though you may need one to access special Nintendo Events with the Mystery Gift.

Enter any Poke Mart in the game. These buildings are usually located in towns and carry an assortment of items for sale.

Approach the counter and locate a notepad. Select it with the "A" button. The game will ask you to put in four random words.

Select the top left slot and write "LINK" in capital letters. Write "TOGETHER" in the top right slot, "WITH" in the bottom left slot and "ALL" in the bottom right slot.

Select "O" at the bottom of the screen. If the code is entered properly, the woman at the counter will give you the Mystery Gift.