How to Make a Clan Logo in CrossFire

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • CrossFire account

  • 5,000 Game Points

  • Leadership in a clan

  • 1,500 Game Points (GP) or Z8 Points (ZP)

i Buccina Studios/Valueline/Getty Images

CrossFire is an online tactical first-person shooter. Made in Korea in 2007 and released through Z8Games in the United Kingdom and North America in 2009, the game is free and allows players to form online groups called clans. Each clan may have its own in-game logo, called a clan mark, for a fee paid with in-game virtual currency. Creating a clan mark is an easy process for anyone with a basic understanding of computer operation.

Play the game long enough to achieve the rank of Staff Sergeant Level 1 or higher, and obtain at least 5,000 GP. These are the minimum requirements to create a new clan. If you are already in a clan, you will have to be the clan leader to create a clan mark.

Accrue 1,500 GP or ZP throughout the course of the game.

Go to the Z8Games website, sign into your account, and click on "Mall" in the header.

Click on "Clan Items."

Locate "Clan Mark" and click on "Buy Now."

Use the drop down menu to select whether the Clan Mark will use your personal GP, your personal ZP or the Clan's ZP to complete the transaction.

Construct a logo using the three-piece system displayed. Each column displays a layer, starting with the background on the left and leading to the top layer on the right. Multiple pages for designs and colors are available for each layer.

Construct a clan mark you like and click on "Create." Your clan will now display the clan mark you just created as its official logo.


To ensure everyone in the clan is happy with the clan mark, it's best to make a design but not purchase it and then take a screen-capture using the "print screen" key. This way, you can ensure you don't upset any of your clan members by choosing a poor design.


Make sure you are completely satisfied with your clan mark, and that your clan will like it, before you purchase it. This logo is non-refundable.