How to Get the TM46 Thief on "Pokemon: Fire Red"

By Shane Arrington

Updated September 22, 2017

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In the Pokemon video games each of your Pokemon can learn four moves to use in battle or certain world situations. These moves are taught be leveling your Pokemon, the Move Tutor or technical and hidden machines. Technical machines can be given to your trainer by other trainers, purchased from stores or found laying around while traveling the world. In "Pokemon: FireRed," TM 46 Thief is one of the TMs you find during your adventures.

Fly to Pewter City and take Route 3 to Mt. Moon.

Enter Mt. Moon and go up until you reach a dead end. Make a short right, a left and another short right. Hug the top part of the last passageway.

Turn up as soon as the passageway ends and go left while hugging the bottom part of the passageway. Go down when the passageway ends and look for a ladder going down to your left.

Go down the ladder to Basement One. Go left until you see another ladder going down. Go down to Basement Two.

Go right, fight the trainer and then go up onto a platform. There will be a Pokeball on the platform. Select it by pressing "A" and receive TM 46 Thief.


Ensure your Pokemon are healed and you have sufficient potions and status healers before traveling deep into Mt. Moon.