How to Use a PS3 Guitar With "Rock Band" for 360

By Louis Gutierrez

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • XCM cross fire converter

  • Wired Xbox 360 controller

You can enjoy your PS3 guitar on
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Using your PlayStation 3 (PS3) guitar controller on your Xbox 360 is a simple procedure of buying and installing the right adapter. This simple adapter will let you use any of your PS3 or even your original Xbox controllers on your Xbox 360 console. You can use it with any PS3 light guns, racing wheels, dancing mats, and most musical instruments. The controls will be compatible with all Xbox 360 games, including "Rock Band."

Buy a XCM Cross Fire Converter online. There are links to where you can buy it in the Resources section. It's a simple process, just add the XCM Cross Fire Converter to cart and check out. As of right now the only product out there that will work with your PS3 guitar is the XCM Cross Fire Converter.

Turn on your Xbox 360.

Plug in your XCM Cross Fire Converter, to any of the front USB ports on your Xbox 360.

Plug in your wired Xbox 360 controller to your XCM Cross Fire Converter. Keep it plugged in for a minimum of 6 seconds.

Unplug your wired Xbox 360 controller.

Plug your PS3 guitar into your XCM Cross Fire Converter. The LED light on your XCM Cross Fire Converter will turn blue. Now you can proceed to play "Rock Band" on your Xbox 360 using your PS3 guitar. The XCM Cross Fire Converter will also allow you to play any game using any PS3 controller on your Xbox 360.