How to Connect Wii to AT&T U-verse

By Stephen Lilley

Updated September 22, 2017

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U-Verse is a type of Internet service provided to customers of AT&T. If you have a Nintendo Wii in your home, you can connect your console to your AT&T U-Verse network, which unlocks added functionality in the console. You can download new or old games from Nintendo's online store, update your game software, or even stream full motion pictures directly to your console thanks to services like Netflix.

Turn on your Nintendo Wii. After seeing the "Nintendo Wii" logo on screen, the console will boot into the main menu system.

Use your Wii remote controller (officially referred to as the "Wiimote") to move your cursor over the "Wii" button on screen. Select this button.

Choose "Wii Settings" from the general system settings menu on screen.

Select "Next" to advance to the second page of options. From this page, select "Internet."

Select "Connection Settings." If you've never connected your Nintendo Wii to a home network before, all of the boxes on screen will read "None." Select one of the "None" boxes on screen to begin setting up a new connection profile. The profile is the instructions that your Wii will follow to connect itself to your AT&T U-Verse network.

Select "Wireless Connection." This will load a page that lets you connect your Wii to your AT&T U-Verse network. Select "Search for an Access Point."

Select the name of your AT&T U-Verse home network. Once this is done, select "Save." Your Nintendo Wii is now on your AT&T U-Verse home network.