How to Use a Gamepad for "Call of Duty 4" for the PC

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" is a first-person shooter game released for consoles and the computer. Traditionally, you play first-person shooter games on computer with a keyboard and mouse combination, and "Call Of Duty 4" is no exception. According to Activision customer service, the game has no support for gamepads, but with the right software you can play the game using a gamepad. This works by configuring the gamepad externally in order to trick the game into thinking it is working with a keyboard and mouse.

Navigate to the Pinnacle Game Profiler website and download the software (see link in Resources). This program simulates the keyboard and mouse using a gamepad. The "Pinnacle Game Profiler" comes with a 30-day free trial, allowing for more than enough time to play and complete the game.

Install the downloaded software and plug in the gamepad. Run the software and configure the gamepad buttons to your liking. If you prefer to use a ready made preset profile for Call Of Duty 4, you can download it from the Pinnacle Game Profiler site (see Resources).

Click the download link for the Call Of Duty 4 profile and enter a user name and password to register on the site. This is optional and free but not required if you are going to create your own profiles for the game.

Start the game with the Pinnacle Game Profiler software still active and use the gamepad to play.


Another program that can emulate the keyboard and mouse using a gamepad is Xpadder, but this program comes without a trial and in 2011 you have to purchase it at $9.99.