How to Make Master Builders With Nothing Left to Build in "Virtual Villagers 2"

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

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Master builders are the backbone of your tribe in "Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children." Some of the game's puzzles can only be completed by villagers with master builder abilities. The village holds many tasks that increase builder skills, and they aren't limited to construction projects -- even removing vines will improve a villager's building abilities. If you've completed every possible building-related task in "Virtual Villagers 2," there are still ways to train villagers as master builders, although the process will take more time.

Click on a villager and press the "Detail" button. Check the box next to "Building" to set it as the villager's preferred skill.

Assign villagers to repair all of the completed huts you've built, including the one used for romance.

Create a stew using three herbs from the red flower on the east side of the village near the dam. Feed it to a villager to give him a burst of energy that makes him want to exercise, which boosts his building skill.

Increase the population of your village to allow for the construction of additional huts. Unlock hut foundations at populations of 13 and 31. Select villagers with builder training as parents -- their children will be born with some building skill.


If you haven't completed all 16 puzzles in "The Lost Children," you may have missed some opportunities to train your villagers as master builders. Drag an adult villager around the island and take note of any area in which she shows an interest. Drop her in that location to see if she goes to work -- if she doesn't, you may need to increase one of your tech levels.