How to Use a Nintendo DS as a PC Controller

By Joseph Mars

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • DS2Key software

  • R4DS Revolution hardware

The Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming device.
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The DS is a handheld gaming device made by Nintendo. It allows users to play games on it through the use of its buttons or its touch screen. The games range in genres from action/adventure and puzzles to sports and role-playing games. Using your DS on other platforms, such as PC computers, is possible with the right computer software available on the Internet.

Go to your PC's web browser and open it by double-clicking its icon with your mouse. Find a ds2key download, such as "DS2Key 0.5," at QuickJump (, DS-Xtra or Filetrip and download it to your PC's desktop.

Open your ds2key's folder on your desktop by double-clicking it with your mouse. Find the ds2key application in the folder and double-click it with your mouse to open it. "DS2Key" will now open in its own window. Look at the first line of text and find the first four numbers appearing after the colon, such as "9501." Write these four numbers down. Leave the application running. Go back to your ds2key folder and find the "DS2Key.nds" file. Right-click it with your mouse, scroll down to "Copy" and select it.

Find your computer's IP address by going to your PC's "Search" function with your mouse and typing in "Run." Type "ipconfig" into your "Run" function and press the "OK" button. Your computer IP address will now display in two numbers and a period, two sets of three numbers followed by periods, and two more numbers, such as "85.333.464.81." Write down this number. Close the window.

Open your R4DS Revolution hardware box. Take out the small chip memory card in the plastic case. Plug it in to the back of your card reader's USB computer port. Plug in your card reader's USB cable into one of your computer's USB ports. Wait for your computer to recognize your card reader. Press "Install" with your mouse when prompted by your computer to allow R4DS Revolution to install onto your computer.

Go into the "R4DS Revolution" folder now showing on your computer screen. Find and open the "Games" folder. Right-click inside it with your mouse, scroll down to "Paste" and select it. Your "DS2Key.nds" file now appears in your "Games" folder. Unplug your card reade from your computer's USB port. Remove your memory card from the back of your card reader. Plug it into your R4DS chip. Insert your R4DS chip into your Nintendo DS and power it on.

Open your R4DS Revolution's "Games" folder on your Nintendo DS by clicking it with your DS pointer. Find your "DS2key.nds" file and open it by clicking it with your pointer. Locate the blue cog now appearing in the top left corner of your screen and click it to open your settings. Enter your computer's IP address that you previously wrote down. Find "Port Number" and enter the four numbers you wrote down earlier. Find "Profile" and set it to "0." Close out your settings.

Go to the Nintendo DS online website with your web browser to play games on your computer with your DS.