How to Identify a Philips TV Model

By Damarious Page

Updated September 28, 2017

A Philips TV model number varies depending on the features of the TV.
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A Philips TV model number is an series of letters and numerals. The model number helps consumers distinguish a TV's features and functions from other models. When you need maintenance or service repair, the technician might need the model number for research and verification purposes. If the TV is damaged or stolen, the insurer might need the model number to file the claim. Philips labels the TV's model number in at least three different places so that you can find it when needed.

Find the label on the side or back of the TV. The model number is composed of letters and numbers like so: "HD4690."

Review the TV's user manual for the model number.

Look on the TV's packaging or box to find the model number.


Philips might also label the TV's model number on the inside of the unit, but you should use extreme caution when opening the insides to find the number. You might damage the TV and void your warranty.