How to Save "Need for Speed" Games

By Elvis Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

The Need for Speed games are a popular racing series available for multiple gaming platforms. The games are known for their extensive amount of tracks, cars and race modes. Moreover, Need for Speed typically saves your progress as you advance throughout the game. To save within the Need for Speed game, you need to meet various goals as you play. Otherwise, you may also save your game’s personal profile if playing the computer version of the title.

Unlock any feature within the game such as new cars and car accessories. As you make progress throughout the game, the “Auto Save” feature automatically saves your game. Generally, Need for Speed games indicate the saving progress on the screen. Do not exit the game or turn off your computer/console while saving.

Win any available race or achieve any substantial progress within the game. Similar to winning cars and accessories, the game’s “Auto Save” feature automatically keeps track of your progress.

Visit the game’s options if the “Auto Save” option is disabled. While not every game possesses this option, various Need for Speed titles allow you manual control over saving your progress. Such option typically resides within the main “Gameplay Settings” section. Toggle between the available saving choices and press the game’s “Save” button to apply all changes.

Save your Need for Speed profile if using the PC version. If you wish to back up your game’s “Save” data or profile, go to “Start” and click the “Computer” option.

Launch your personal “Documents” folder within your Windows user profile. Click the game’s personal directory, typically named “EA,” “Electronic Arts” or the third-party company that designed it.

Copy the available files within the directory at hand and paste it within any other storage unit available.