How to Put Pictures on an Xbox

By David Hunt

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • USB memory stick

  • Blank compact disc

Xbox gaming systems can display a digital photography album, which can come in handy to show vacation slides to friends and family or to make a slide show to run in the background at a party. You can use compact discs and USB drives to move pictures onto an Xbox. You can also stream digital photographs directly to an Xbox from your home computer.

Transfer by Disc

Find the pictures you want to put on your Xbox. Search through your computer and old photo albums.

Scan and save any photographs that aren't already on your hard drive. Upload any that are on a digital camera.

Burn the pictures onto a compact disc or save them to a USB memory stick.

Insert the compact disc in the Xbox or plug the USB memory stick into the back of the console.

Turn on the Xbox. Go to the "My Xbox" menu. Select "Picture Library."

Select the source of the pictures. Open the files through the compact disc or USB memory stick.

Streaming Pictures

Tie the Xbox into your home computer network with a networking cable or use the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter.

Turn on your home computer and Xbox.

Stream your pictures. Using Windows Media Player 12, click "Stream" to turn on media streaming and make sure the computer detects the Xbox. Using Windows Media Player 11, click "Library" then click "Media Sharing" and set the sharing permission to the Xbox. Using Zune, click "Settings" before clicking "Xbox 360," then select pictures to share and click "OK."

Go to the "My Xbox" menu on the Xbox. Select "Picture Library."

Select your computer in the Xbox menu. Use the Xbox controller to search the computer's hard drive for pictures.


Not all USB memory sticks will communicate with an Xbox. If one doesn't work, try another.