How to Beat the Scarecrow Level on "LEGO Batman"

By Steve Jones

Updated September 22, 2017

Batman flies over Gotham to beat Scarecrow.
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LEGO Batman is a game based on LEGO designs that allows players to fight classic Batman villains in a Gotham City styled to the LEGO universe. The Scarecrow Level, also known as "Flight of the Bat," occurs in the Joker scenario--entitled "The Joker's Return"--in the hero play segment of the game.

This game was released for a variety of game platforms, including PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, X-Box 360 and Wii. Instructions in this article are based on PlayStation 2 but should work in basic application for all platforms.

Access the "Flight of the Bat" Level of the "Joker's Return" scenario. A cut-scene, including video of Scarecrow flying a LEGO biplane, will play. Play begins after the cut-scene.

Play as Batman in the Bat-plane. Shoot at the Joker's henchmen, who are flying purple helicopters. Shoot the Bat-Signal that appears on a building rooftop. That releases a series of purple glowing bombs, which the Bat-plane can pick up. Note: Robin will be flying near you in a helicopter, but it is not yet time to play as Robin.

Pick up purple bombs, then fly close to the double-barrel cannon that appears on another rooftop. Wait until crosshairs appear around the cannon, then fire. This causes the cannon to destroy a nearby gate, then blow itself up.

Fly through the gate that just opened, then target another rooftop Bat-Signal to obtain more purple bombs. Destroy a train track; then destroy two more cannon. This will reveal a "mine-layer" for Robin's helicopter.

Switch to playing as Robin, as the Bat-plane cannot pick up the mines. Fly near the mines and press O on the PlayStation 2 control (or the appropriate button on your game control), and the helicopter will latch onto the mines. Fly near a flaming pipe running along the side of a building and destroy the pipe with the mines.

Switch back to Batman and destroy two more cannon. Shoot down any enemy vehicle that flies at you. If you have no more Bat torpedoes, switch back to play as Robin and use his mines to destroy a metallic block. That will expose more Bat torpedoes. Switch back to Batman, pick up the torpedoes, and then shoot the turrets on either side of a large gate.

Fly through the destroyed gate into the Scarecrow boss fight. Shoot all enemies. Fly to the far side of the area, shoot another Bat-signal and retrieve more torpedoes.

Switch to play as Robin. You will see a grapple signal; activate it. Fly near Scarecrow's biplane; then grapple onto it.

Switch back to Batman. Shoot torpedoes at Scarecrow's plane. Hit him three times, and the level ends with a final cut-scene. Thus, you will have beaten Scarecrow.


If you are trying to amass as many points as possible, shoot the purple markers that periodically appear in the corners of rooftops. Each hit gives you extra points.