How to Use R4 for the Wii

By Sarah Sammis

Updated September 22, 2017

SD card
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The Nintendo Wii uses SD R4 cards to help users manage saved data and downloaded games. The Nintendo Wii can store up to 240 channels on its SD Channel. The SD Channel allows players to load and play downloaded games, other Wii software and saved game data directly from the SD Card without having to copy it to the Wii's memory. The only things that can't be stored on the SD Cards are preinstalled channels such as the Mii Channel, Photo Channel, News Channel and Forecast Channel.

Saving Downloaded Games to an SD Card

Insert an SD or SDHC card in the slot on the front of the Wii console. The SD Card label should face toward the Wii Game Disc slot. Push it firmly until it clicks into place.

Click on "Wii Settings" at the bottom-left corner of the default Wii menu screen and select "Data Management."

Click on "Wii Channels."

Click on the channel you want to copy and click on "Copy."

Copying Game Data to an SD Card

Go to the "Data Management" menu in the "Wii Settings" menu.

Click on "Save Data" and select the "Wii" tab to see all the saved game data.

Click on a file and then on "Copy."

Click "Yes" to start copying. Note that some games that allow online game play can't be saved to an SD card.

Copying Data from the SD Card to the Wii

Go to the Data Management menu and choose "Save Data."

Click on "Wii" and select the "SD Card" tab.

Find the file you want to copy from the SD Card to the Wii memory and pick "Copy."

Select "Yes" to start copying.

Deleting Data from an SD Card

Go to the "Data Management" menu, pick "Save Data" and choose "Wii."

Click on the "SD Card" tab.

Click on the file to be deleted and select "Erase."

Click "Yes" to delete the file.


Download the newest version of Wii Channel to get the most efficient use out of your SD card and the SD Channel. To use the SDHC (high-capacity) cards you will need Wii Menu 4.0 or higher.


While it's safe to remove an SD Card while the Wii is on, don't remove it while saving or copying data, as it can completely corrupt the card.