How to Use Memory Card Files With Epsxe

by Alizarin BlackUpdated September 22, 2017

ePSXe is a Sony PlayStation One or PS1 emulator. You download ePSXe from its official website or from an emulator website to play your backup PS1 games. If you are playing a game and you have to stop gameplay, you can use a memory card to save the information. For instance, if you are on level 15 of a game, you can use your memory card to continue playing on level 15 since the data is saved on the memory card.

Run ePSXe. Double-click the "ePSXe" icon on the desktop.

Click "Config" and then click "Memory Cards."

Click "Select" to load the memory card file.

Select the memory card file from the location on your hard drive and then click "'Open."

Click "OK” to use memory card files with ePSXe.

Click "Run" and then click "Load State." Select "Slot 1" and then run the emulator.

Click "File" and then click "Run ISO" to use memory card files with ePSXe. Your last save will be loaded.


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