Can I Get Copies of Texts Sent to Another Phone?

by Carolyn Sorrell Updated September 28, 2017
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Cell phone spying has become big business in the United States. When, a spouse believes that his partner is cheating on him for example if he wants proof, he may wish to intercept text messages sent and received on his partner’s phone.

Forwarding a Text Message


The easiest way to get a copy of a text message that was sent to another phone is by forwarding it from the phone it was originally sent to. You will need to be in possession that phone. Simply go to the Messaging Program, locate the text message and forward it to the desired phone number.

Contact Your Cell Phone Provider

If the cell phone in question is on your calling plan, then you can contact your provider and ask them for a print out of dates, times and numbers of all text messages in a particular time frame. In order to get a print out of the actual text message content, you will need a court order. Information obtained illegally cannot be used in a court of law.

The Legality of Cell Phone Spying


More and more people have reasons for wanting to be able to intercept someone's text messages. But is this type of spying legal? There are companies offering software that they claim will allow you to eavesdrop on someone else's phone calls and text messages. However, usually you must temporarily have possession of the phone in order to install the software and once installed on the cell phone, you will be able to read their text messages and even listen in on their conversations.


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