How to Fish in "Oregon Trail 5"

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

Fishing in
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"The Oregon Trail" was one of the first games ever published, and it has a legacy that has lasted for years. The fifth edition featured many game play possibilities not included in the original, though all remain close to the theme of survival. You and your fellows are on your way to Oregon from the East Coast, and in order to make it, you must overcome hostile raiders, secure adequate food and water, and survive snake bites. One new feature of the fifth edition is the ability to fish. With a rod and tackle, you can catch an unlimited supply of food--as long as you're near water.

Purchase fishing supplies before you depart. Although you might be able to trade for them later, there's no guarantee you'll find them, and trading is often more expensive than buying them at the beginning.

Stop the caravan in a location with a fresh water source, such as a river, lake or pond. While the caravan is stopped, you have many options, such as tending to the wounded or trading with other caravans. Choose the option to fish. This starts the fishing mini-game.

Using your mouse, move the cross-hairs over the water, and click the left button to cast the reel. Wait five seconds. If no fish bites, click the left mouse button again to reel in your line. Move the cross-hairs to a new location, and try again. When a fish does bite, immediately click the left mouse button to catch him. You must be quick. Do this several times, and you can net 30 to 60 pounds of food.


Don't be discouraged if you don't catch much at first. Success requires a little more skill than hunting, but it involves fewer dangers and expenses. While hunting, you have to spend money on ammo. You also run the risk of getting mauled by a bear. There are no dangers in fishing, aside from wasting time.