How to Accept a Rival Crew Challenge on "Need for Speed: Carbon" for PC

By Vashti Gray Sadjedy

Updated September 22, 2017

Compete against rival racing crew members in
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In the PC game,"Need for Speed: Carbon," one of the most exciting options is to play in Free Roam mode. In this setting, the player can engage in Boss races and compete against rival crews for cash prizes. The latter, if done repeatedly, can be an excellent way to achieve the coveted $1 million reward card. These races can rarely be initiated by the player, so he must wait until approached by a rival crew member in order to enter a race.

Press "Enter" after a rival crew member approaches you and challenges you to a race. A map will appear.

Select the location on your map where you would like to place the finish line for your race. Click on the location and press "Enter."

Wait for the prompt to begin the race and press "Enter" again. Your race immediately begins.


There is no countdown before the race begins, so be certain not to press "Enter" to start until you are prepared to go.