How to Throw Scar in "The Lion King"

By Andrew Cowie

Updated October 03, 2017

Just like his movie counterpart, Scar is a dangerous and deadly enemy in "The Lion King" for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Learning to throw is a necessary tactic for defeating enemies in the game, but you need to know when and how to do it to defeat the last boss of the game. In the last stage of "The Lion King," Simba will have to fight Scar three times before being able to defeat him once and for all, ending the game.

Wait for Scar to get close. Avoid using the X Slash, as Scar will jump over it and pin you to the ground, finishing you off. Use your swipe attack by hitting "Y" on the Super Nintendo or "B" on the Genesis.

Keep using your swipe attack until you see Scar panting. Jump on Scar using "B" on the Super Nintendo or "C" on the Genesis. Get close to Scar to throw him. Hit the "X" button on the Super Nintendo. Roll your finger from the "B" to the "C" button on the Genesis. Do this two times to defeat him the first time.

Repeat the strategy from Step 2 during the second fight. Swipe and jump on Scar until you see him panting. Get close to him and hit "X" on Super Nintendo or "B" to "C" on the Genesis. Do this three times to defeat Scar a second time.

Watch your own health in the last fight. Back off from Scar and pick your spots when your health starts to get in the yellow range. Keep your distance and keep slashing and jumping at him when he gets too close.

Throw Scar off the cliff when his health is in the red. Look at his physical posture, and you should be able to see him panting the entire time and no longer trying to attack you. Position yourself by one of the two cliff edges and use your throw move to throw Scar off the edge and finish the game.


Try your best to take as little damage as possible between the fights to ensure you have as much health as possible.


During the last fight, throwing Scar won't kill him unless you're beside the edge of the cliff.