How Do I Play PSP Games on XBox?

By Andy Klaus

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Original copy of MechAssault for Xbox

  • MechInstaller software (

  • USB memory stick or storage device

  • Gentoo Linux installation (

  • Gentoox Winex Installer (

  • PCSP emulator software

  • PSP game images

The easiest way to play PSP games
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Microsoft's Xbox is a gaming console with a considerable share of the American market and a sizable library of games. However, Sony's various console and handheld offerings hold a nearly equal portion, with a similar vault of game offerings. Many gamers want the best of both worlds while not having to make the investment in both consoles. Since the PSP has lower system specs than a PS2 or PS3 console, it is a more obvious target for emulation. While you can play PSP games on Xbox with some small success, the task is not one for the faint of heart.

Prepping Your Xbox for Linux

Copy the Mechinstaller files to your USB drive from your PC. The best results are using a 256M or larger device so you can move them in one pass.

Insert the memory stick into your Xbox and copy the Mechinstaller files to your Xbox hard drive using the save game management system in the console. Copy the files, one at a time, the same way you would copy game files from your memory stick.

Find your Xbox hard drive key by inserting the MechAssault game, selecting "Campaign" and then selecting "Emergency Linux." You will have to log in to telnet as "root" with a password of "Xbox" and then type in "xbox_tool -a".

Write down the key it displays to you and store it in a safe place just in case you need to restore your hard drive.

Insert the MechAssault game again, select "Campaign" and then "Install Linux." This will provide you with the basic functionality of a Linux prompt but not an entire environment.

Xbox with Winex

Download Gentoo installer from your PC and burn it to a CD. You can use any PC compatible CD and CD burner software.

Place the Gentoo installer disk into your Xbox and install the software. This process is detailed at You will need some knowledge of the Linux environment, or you will have to follow the steps closely and methodically. Once you have completed this step, your Xbox is capable of running Linux and Xbox applications (selectable from your Xbox console menu).

Download "Gentoox Winex Installer" on your PC and move it to your USB memory stick.

Put the USB device in your Xbox and move the installer files to its hard drive.

Install the "Gentoox Winex Installer" from your linux prompt on your Xbox. Wine is a Windows emulation environment that will allow you to run Windows applications in an emulation layer under the Linux framework. Since there are no useful PSP emulators for Linux, this is a required step.

Readying the PSP Emulator

Download the PCSP emulator from on your Xbox while it is running the Windows emulator (Wine). If you have not set up the network configuration correctly for your Wine installation, you can alternately download the file on your PC and move it over using a USB drive.

Install the emulator. This process is automated, and it will configure all of your hardware except the controller. For best performance, you should still familiarize yourself with the video and audio settings. You will likely have to disable some sound and video features to achieve best results.

Run PCSP and select the configure tab and map your Xbox controller to match the controls for the PSP. You can also map the controls to your keyboard if you have a USB keyboard connected to your Xbox.

Copy the PSP game images to your Xbox. This is best accomplished by connecting your PSP's USB adaptor cable to the Xbox's USB port. If you must, copy the game images to a USB drive and move them to your Xbox from there. Make sure to place the files in a directory where you can find them easily.

Select the game image from the PCSP software. If the game is compatible, it will load and run automatically. If the game does not load, check with the PCSP website for notes about the specific title.


If your emulation speeds are slow, you may achieve some marginal increase by turning off the vsync limiter or disabling audio under the settings tab. Check for PCSP updates regularly. New game compatibility is added almost weekly.


Make sure your version of MechAssault is the original and not the "Greatest Hits" version. The latter will not work with the MechInstaller software.

Make sure you are using either "homebrew" PSP games or commercial games for the PSP that you already own. Attempting to run any other copies of PSP games is a violation of copyright law.