How to Sync a Wii With iTunes

By Lindsay Pietroluongo

Updated September 22, 2017

Listen to your favorite artists while playing your Wii games.
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Video game players love their Wii. Chances are, you also love listening to your favorite music while playing your top games. Now you can easily merge your iTunes music library with your Wii gaming system. Choose the perfect playlist to provide background music while you compete. You’ll be able to access your iTunes through your television screen even while your Wii is functioning. You can sift through your iTunes files using your Wii controller.

Download the Wii/iTunes plug-in to your Wii. To do this, you’ll need to have your Wii connected to the Internet. Visit a website that offers this plug-in, such as Dot Tunes (see Resources). This application should be offered free.

Work through the tutorial that will show up on your screen once you download the plug-in. Setup is easy and basically foolproof, because the tutorial explains every step.

Access your Wii’s Opera Browser to play your iTunes MP3s.


When choosing a site from which to download the iTunes plug-in, make sure it offers contact information should you experience problems with the plug-in. Reputable sites have support services and contact information.

Connect your Wii to a stereo to amplify tunes while you play. Instead of listening to music through your basic television speakers, you can introduce an added level of entertainment by blaring your music surround sound-style.

You won’t just have access to your iTunes music files, but also to any photos that you have saved to your iPhotos application. You can access your iPhotos through the Wii Opera web browser, the same way you access your iTunes music files.


Depending on the website you use to download the Wii iTunes plug-in, you may need to provide information such as your e-mail address and name. If you don’t feel comfortable supplying this information, shop around online to find a site that doesn’t require you to provide information or create a login. If you feel comfortable giving a site your personal information, keep in mind that you may need to log in using a username and password to access your download.