How to Get TM Flamethrower in "Pokemon Gold Version"

By Sam Orr

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Coin case

  • 1000 Poke (in-game currency)

Pokemon, an abbreviation of Pocket Monsters, is a Japanese franchise that began as two versions of the same basic game ("Aka" and "Midori") and has since evolved into the second most successful series of all time. Players train Pokemon to fight using special abilities; some abilities are innate, or learned innately, and others can be taught with a special item called a TM, a Technical Machine. These TMs are bought or alternately found over the course of a player's adventures, and can be used only once on a single Pokemon.

Travel to the Goldenrod Game Corner, an in-game gambling resort that offers a card game and slots. The slots offer the best chance at being heavily rewarded (300 coins after spinning three sevens).

Trade in, at minimum, 1000 Poke in exchange for 50 coins at the front counter of the Game Corner. You can get up to 500 at a time in exchange for 10,000 Poke.

Play the slot machine or the card game, neither of which has an element of skill. Click the "A" button while facing the cards or slots and allow the odds to go in your favor, or against. Repetitively play these games until you have at least 5,500 coins.

Buy TM 38, the flame-throwing attack, for 5,500 coins at the counter.


The odds of the card game improve while you play, since the composition of the deck changes as the top cards are drawn. When playing "Card Flip," stay with the game until all of the cards have been exhausted to maximize your earnings.