How to Find Your LG Phone

by Michael Roennevig ; Updated September 28, 2017

Some people are so emotionally attached to their cell phones that they behave as though they've lost a limb if they're parted from their handsets. With so much information stored on mobile devices, from contact numbers to emails and media files, it can be frustrating if your phone is missing. There are number of steps you can take to be reunited with your LG phone if you've misplaced it.

Call your LG handset from another phone and listen for it to ring. If you hear it ring, follow the sound to locate the phone. If you've lost your handset elsewhere, it may have been picked up and turned into a police station or a lost-property collection point where someone may answer your call.

Thoroughly search your house, looking in all the places you would usually leave your LG. Check down the sides of couch cushions, in laundry baskets, coats and anywhere else where the ring tone of your phone might be muffled.

Ask family and friends if they have seen your LG handset. There's a possibility it may have been tidied away or mistaken as someone else's phone.

Log into into your Mobile Recovery application if you are a Verizon customer who's signed up for the Total Equipment Coverage insurance package. From here, you can send a message to your phone to sound a loud tone and locate it on a map using its GPS chip. The program also gives you the option of locking the handset and deleting all of its data if you're concerned that your personal information may be vulnerable. The Mobile Recovery service currently only supports the LG Ally, LG Fathom and the LG Vortex, as of December 2010.

Log into your existing Google Latitude account and click on "Use Latitude on Your Computer." A map will display the location of your phone if its battery is still charged. If you've misplaced it, this can give you a better idea of its location. You must have previously signed up for the service.

Retrace your steps and think about where you've been since you last saw your phone. Either call the places you've been in the interim period or visit them in person to ask if anyone has seen your phone. Your LG handset might have been picked up or handed in at work, school or college, or any restaurants or shops you've visited. This is the best way to track down your handset if its battery is dead.

Call the police. Lost phones are often turned it at police stations. Once you've exhausted all other options, this will be your last resort. Look up the number of your local station in the phone directory or online as opposed to calling 911. As traumatic as losing your phone may be, it's not an emergency.

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