How to Undo an Xbox Update

By Daniel Hatter

Updated September 22, 2017

i Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

The Xbox 360, when connected to Xbox LIVE through the Internet, will periodically download software updates for the system when they are available. Unfortunately, once installed, these system updates cannot be removed. Somewhat similarly, Xbox 360 games are also updated through the Xbox LIVE network, but only when the game disc is inserted and initialized on the system. If for some reason you didn't want an update but accidentally installed it, you can undo your Xbox 360 game updates.

Turn on your Xbox 360 console and open up the "My Xbox" menu.

Scroll all the way to the right and select "System Settings," then choose "Memory."

Select your storage device (usually "Hard Drive" or "Memory Unit"), and then press "Games."

Navigate to the game you wish to undo the installation of an update for, and then select "Game Options."

Choose "Delete" from the list of options. Your Xbox game update along with the game will now be removed completely from your system. To reinstall the game, insert the game disc into the console, select "Game Details," and then choose "Install."