How to Invite Friends into an iScribble Room

By Steven Hill

Updated September 22, 2017

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

The iScribble application is a free-to-use cooperative drawing program. Users can participate with others from all over the world on collaborative pieces. These pieces are even eligible to be published in iScribble's gallery. The developers believe that iScribble is a drawing environment useful to both beginners and to those seeking to sharpen skills they already have. Not only can you draw with people you don't know, you can also do so with your friends.

Navigate to the iScribble website. Click "Start Drawing." Sign into your iScribble account by typing your account information into the given fields. Type a nickname for yourself in the "Session Nick Name" box.

Click "Create New Board." Type a board title into the "Board Title" box. Select either "Private" or "Public" for board type. Click "Create Board."

Click inside the chat box so that the flashing cursor appears. Type "/invite [friend's user name]" into the chat box. Press "Enter."