How to Set Up AT&T Voice Mail on a Home Phone

by Jessica LathropUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Access number

  • Mailbox number (home phone number)

  • Temporary pin

  • Optional: Internet access

  • Optional: AT&T email address and temporary password

Having a voice mail option on your home phone is convenient and allows people to leave you messages when you are not home or cannot answer your phone. You must be able to access those messages later, however, and you must first set up your voice mail account to do this. Setting up your AT&T home telephone voice mail is fairly easy to do if you have the directions, and there are several ways you can do this.

Set up Voice Mail using AT&T Home Phone

Using the home phone connected to AT&T service, dial the access number: 1 888 288-8893. Following the prompts, first enter your home phone number and press "#." If at any time you make a mistake, you can press the "*" key and begin again. Next, enter your temporary PIN number (111111) and press "#." When the message prompts you to enter a new PIN, choose a new PIN of six digits and press "#." Enter your new PIN and press "#" again.

Follow the prompts, record your name and press "#" when finished. If you did this correctly, press the "1" key. If you need to record again, press "2."

Press the "1" key and record your greeting. Press "#" when finished. Press the "1" key again if you want to continue. Press the "2" key if you want to record the greeting again. Your voice mail is now ready to use.

Set up AT&T Home Phone Voice Mail Using Computer

Log on to the Internet and go to the AT&T website. (See Resources below.) You can access your email or voice mail from this site once your voice mail is set up, also. Enter your temporary email address ( if you do not have an email address set up yet and then enter your temporary password (111111).

Follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard. This will allow you to set up your password, your name and your personalized greeting, as well as access your voice mail messages.

Your voice mail is now ready to use and can be accessed either by computer with your email address and password, or by telephone using your access number (1 888 288-8893) and following the prompts.


If at any time you have trouble setting up your voice mail, call Voice Mail Customer Care at 1-800 288-2747.


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