How to Get Into the Ein Dungeon in "Ragnarok Online"

By Jason Alexander

Updated September 22, 2017

"Ragnarok Online" is a large online role-playing game produced by Gravity Co. Originally a sensation in South Korea, this game has spread throughout the world. The game play is comprised of different maps that have various challenges such as monsters and puzzles. The Ein Dungeon is one such map, and it can be entered from the city of Einbroch.

Travel to Juno and board the airship to Einbroch. This is the quickest way to reach the Ein Dungeon.

Travel to the upper-rightmost section of Einbroch. Reference your in-game map to gauge your location.

Board the train in the top-right portion of Einbroch to reach the mines. You will see a new map once you reach the mines area and the Ein Dungeon is located near the center of this map, about two-thirds of the way up (see Resources).


Use a city guide to find the train service in the city of Einbroch more quickly.