How to Win the Lotto in "Pokemon Sapphire"

By Jack Gerard

Updated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon Sapphire" (along with its counterpart "Pokemon Ruby") is the third game in the "Pokemon" series and was released for the Game Boy Advance. In addition to the main storyline of the game, players could partake in a number of side quests and mini-games to win items and capture new Pokemon. One such mini-game is the lottery in Lilycove. If the digits of the ID number for one of your Pokemon matches a portion of the daily lotto number you win a special prize; if you match the number completely, you win a "Master Ball."

Trade Pokemon with other players often. The ID number of a Pokemon is based partially on the ID number for the player and partially on the Pokemon's type. Trading with other players gets you Pokemon with ID numbers based on players other than yourself, increasing your chance of a partial match.

Visit Lilycove and go to the counter where the girl draws the lotto tickets. Don't talk to her yet. Save the game with your character standing right in front of her. Shut down your game and wait until the next day according to the game's internal clock; if you set the clock to your local time when you started playing, it should roll over to the next day at midnight.

Turn on the game after a day has passed and talk to the lotto girl. If you win the lottery drawing, collect your prize and continue playing the game. If you don't win, turn off the game without saving and turn it back on to start playing again. Because the game recognizes that it's a different day than the date of the save, it will generate another random lotto number instead of using the one that it drew the first time.

Continue resetting the game until one of your Pokemon matches the lotto drawing number. If you match two digits you'll receive a "PP Share" item, if you match three digits you'll get an "Exp Share" item, and if you match four digits you'll win a "Max Revive" item. If you match all five digits you'll win a "Master Ball" item.


If you can't find other players to trade with, talk to as many NPC's in the game as you can. Some of them will offer to trade Pokemon with you; these trades still give you Pokemon with unique trainer IDs. You can still win the lottery without using the "save" trick, though it may take longer as the lotto drawing only produces a single number per day.