How to Reset a Wii Fit Password

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

"Wii Fit" allows the user of each profile to set a four-digit password for the account. The password locks the profile, and the code must be entered before any user can view information associated with the account or take part in any of the "Wii Fit" activities. This also means that the existing password must be entered before it can be changed to a new one. If, however, you've forgotten your password, all is not lost; you can still access your "Wii Fit" profile.

Accessing Profile

Launch "Wii Fit" and choose your Mii from the Wii Fit Plaza.

Enter your existing four-digit password, if you remember it, to access your profile.

Enter three guesses for your password if don't remember your four-digit code.

Press the "A" button to confirm that you're the owner of the profile in question.

Press the up or down arrow to enter the height associated with your profile and press the "OK" button to access your account.

Changing Password

Press the "User Settings" button, which is to the right of the calendar and features a picture of a person and a Wii remote.

Choose "Edit Profile" and press the "Password" button. Select "Remove" and then "Yes" to delete the existing password and have no password associated with the profile.

Select "Change" if you want to add a different password. Enter a new four-digit code and press the "OK" button. Re-enter the same code to confirm and press "OK."

Press the "Save" button to record the changes to your password.