How to Make Homebrew Compatible with an SDHC on Wii

By Nicholas Wyatt

Updated September 22, 2017

Format your SDHC card to be compatible with Wii homebrew software.
i Wii image by Lidka from

The Nintendo Wii is a next-generation console with games that get the players physically involved and playing. The Wii also has the capability to run homebrew software, applications and even games. Doing so requires that the Homebrew Channel with a cIOS patch is installed and functioning on your Wii before homebrew software will be recognized and compatible with your SDHC card on your Wii. A SDHC card allows is a high capacity SD card that offers space from 4 GB up to 32 GB. This allows plenty of room for homebrew Wii software and games.

Check to see if your SDHC card is compatible for use with your Wii at the Wii Brew website. If your SDHC card is compatible for a Wii, you need to format it before using so that the homebrew can be recognized and read from your SDHC card when using the Homebrew Channel on your Wii.

Format your SDHC card by going to "Start," "My Computer" and right-clicking on your SD card. Select "Format."

Select "QUICK" as the format type and format the SDHC card to FAT32. The FAT32 partition is read from the SDHC card when in the Wii. Click "OK" when ready to format the SDHC card.

Transfer your homebrew applications, emulators, operating systems and/or utilities for your Wii to your SDHC card in corresponding named folders. The homebrew applications will now be compatible to use and access from the Homebrew Channel on your Wii.