How to Download New Courses for Wii Sports Golf

By Sam Orr

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Wii Sports" is deceptively among the highest-selling video game franchises in history since being packaged with the Nintendo Wii as a free bonus to the system. The game allows users to familiarize themselves with the Wii remote by requiring simple interactions that translate to fast, competitive, family-friendly games. When golf fans become overly accustomed to the courses that are available in "Wii Sports" golf, more can be bought online with Wii points.

Power on your Wii console. Allow the system to boot and bring up the launch screen of the system.

Select the Wii Shop Channel by pointing at it with your Wii remote and clicking the "A" button.

Expand the search function and search for "Wii Sports Golf" or a similar phrase that will locate downloadable courses for Wii Sports.

Choose a course or set of courses. Click on your choice and accept the payment request to save the content onto your Wii. The game will read these files off the hard drive to supplement the game disc, which still needs to be in the disc drive.