How to Fly a Helicopter in Vice City

By Kahlea Pendleton

Updated September 22, 2017

Vice City is modeled after Miami Beach, Fla.
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"Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" (GTA: Vice City) is an action-adventure PC and video game that was originally designed by DMA Design and later published and designed by Rockstar North. The main focus of the "Vice City" game is to steal vehicles such as cars, boats and helicopters while causing chaos throughout Vice City, which is a fictional city in the "Grand Theft Auto" series. Flying a helicopter for the PC game is a little tricky because your main control is not a game controller but a keyboard. However, it can be accomplished.

Fly a Helicopter in Vice City on a PC

Locate a helicopter you wish to fly. Then press “W” to rise or lift off into the air. When you are high enough in the air, hold down the number “9” on your keyboard to tilt the helicopter forward. This will move the helicopter lower. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then let the button go. Your helicopter should now be in a straight position and move faster. Continually press the “9” on your keyboard to keep flying lower. However, if you are too low, stop pressing the number “9” button on your keyboard.

Avoid buildings and walls while flying. Press the number “6” to lean backward to avoid crashing into buildings or walls. However, use your discretion when you use “6” to avoid causing the helicopter to flip. When you have avoided a building or wall, regain altitude to start flying by pressing the number “9” button on your keyboard.

Turn the helicopter if you need to change directions. To make turns, press the “A” or “D” buttons on the keyboard and the helicopter will lean in the direction that you are turning. When you turn a helicopter, the turn will lower your helicopter. To avoid this, tap the “6” key to lift the helicopter while turning.

Shoot down your enemies while flying if your helicopter has a gun. Hold the left “CTRL” key to shoot bullets. There is unlimited ammunition. To fire missiles in the hunter, press “0.”

Land your helicopter to safety by pressing “S” on your keyboard. Before landing, practice stopping the helicopter before descending to land.

Fly a Helicopter in Vice City for Xbox

Find a helicopter. There are condos in the “Downtown” district that have a helicopter on its roof. Purchase the condo to access the helicopter.

Remember the basic controls for flying the helicopter. Press “A” on your Xbox game controller to lift upward. Press “X” to descend. Press the “White” button to turn left and press the “Black” button to turn right. Press “L3” to hover.

Move the helicopter. Press the “Up” arrow while holding "X." The more you press the “X” button, the higher you fly the helicopter. If you want to land, press the “Square” button gently.