How to Use GameShark for PlayStation 2

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

Like the Game Genie cheat systems of the past, the PS2 GameShark is the ultimate code machine for video game players. With this device, which covers hundreds of PS2 games, players can cheat, hack and warp games to their liking. Using the GameShark software can become frustrating, but following exact directions will ensure easy working codes and use.

Insert a memory card and a PS2 controller into your console. Press the "Power" button on the console and eject the disc tray. If you use the PS2 Slim, press the "Open" button so the tray loader pops up.

Insert the GameShark disc and wait for the game to automatically load on the screen. If the game does not load right away, press the "Reset" button and wait for it to load.

Use the "Auto Cheat" mode to load built-in cheat codes. Select "Auto Cheat" from the main menu with "X"; wait a moment and the disc tray will open. Insert the game disc you want to play and close the disc loader.

Wait for the GameShark to process the PS2 game. If the game is included with the software, the "Auto Cheat" menu will appear for the software. If there are not automatic cheats, the disc will eject and you cannot use "Auto Cheat" mode.

Scroll through the categorized cheats and press "X" to activate the ones you want to use. Cheats are organized into different categories like "Health," "Money" and "Weapons." If you use a game without one of those categories, it will be unavailable in the cheat mode.

Press the "Start" button on your controller to activate the cheats and fully load the video game. Give the GameShark a few minutes to fully process the cheats.

Use "Expert Cheat Mode" to find full cheat code lists and cheats for games not listed in the "Auto cheat" mode. Select the mode with the "X" button from the GameShark main menu.

Press "Up" and "Down" on the PS2 controller D-pad to scroll through the alphabetical list of games for the PS2. Press "L1" or "R1" to skip letters in the list.

Press the "Right" button on the D-pad to expand a list of the cheats for the game you want. On each cheat you want to activate, press the "X" button. The code flashes to confirm its selection. Press the "Start" button to apply the cheats and load the game.

Add games to the list if they do not appear. While in "Expert Cheat Mode," press the "Circle" button to load the "Options" menu. Select the "Add" option and press the "X" button.

Find GameShark codes to add from their official website. Use the on-screen keyboard to label each code and insert the multiple character code to apply it. Press the "Start" button to apply the cheat code and add it to the list.

Load the "Game Saves" list from the main menu. The "Game Saves" allow you load pre-saved games that contain unlocked levels, unlocked characters and extra features. Find the game from the list and load the available game save files. Choose the memory card you want to copy the file to. Press "X." Wait for the transfer to complete. Load the saved game from the memory card during normal game play.


Activate only a handful of codes. Overusing codes is the easiest way to make the GameShark crash and freeze. If your game does freeze, try reloading the game with fewer codes.