How to Take Over Buildings in "The Guild 2"

By J.D. Richards

Updated September 22, 2017

Developed in 2006, "The Guild 2" is a multiplayer real-time strategy game set in medieval times. Players compete against a computer or online against other individuals to build the most successful dynasty. As players' avatars rise in rank, they gain certain privileges, which manifest in potential actions that the game calls "measures." One of the most powerful measures is "disappopriate," which allows a player to claim others' property as his own.

Obtain a high rank for your avatar, namely a rank of nobility or royalty.

View the measures bar at the bottom of your screen. Privilege measures, including disappropriate, are shown against a purple background.

Enter a building belonging to one of your opponents and click the "disappropriate" measure. You can take over one building every 48 hours.