How to Suggest Movies to Netflix

By Laura Jerpi

Updated September 22, 2017

Netflix is always looking to add new titles to its extensive collection. If you're a filmmaker who'd like to have Netflix add your movie, you might be in luck. Netflix allows filmmakers to submit their films to the company for consideration to be placed in its collection for customers to rent. Filmmakers using a distributor with a Netflix account can ask it to submit movies on their behalf, and those without a distributor can submit works on their own. Netflix does not accept recommendations from customers to add films to its collection.

If You Have a Distributor

Check and see if the distributor of your movie has an account with Netflix.

Ask the distributor to submit your film to Netflix for consideration if it already has an account.

Request that your distributor open an account with Netflix if it doesn't already have one, and then ask them to submit your movie for consideration.

If You Don't Have a Distributor

Make sure your movie is at least 60 minutes long and is in DVD or VHS format. These are requirements for it to be considered for rental on Netflix.

Print and sign the Netflix "Submission Release Form" to include in the package with your movie submission.

Place a final copy of the programming material you'd like to submit to Netflix in an envelope. This should include the final packaging and artwork for your movie.

Include the retail and wholesale prices for your movie in the package, in addition to marketing, public relations and sales information for Netflix to review.

Mail your submission to: Netflix Attn: Submissions P.O. Box 5619 Beverly Hills, CA 90209-5619