How to Hook Up a Lennox Surround Sound to a Digital TV

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 28, 2017

It is possible to connect a digital television to your Lennox surround sound system.
i tv monitor image by IKO from

Lennox is an electronics company that no longer produces surround sound systems. However, if you have one of the older receivers produced by them, it is possible to hook up the hardware to a digital television. The only downside to this is there is no high-end input (HDMI or digital optical audio) input on the Lennox surround sound system, so you must use an older RCA-based hook up to connect the Lennox receiver and the digital television together.

Plug the red and white RCA audio cables into the "Audio Out" ports on your digital television system. There is also a yellow video connection port present, but you do not need this as the Lennox surround sound receiver only accepts audio signals.

Connect the opposite end of the cables into one pair of the "Audio In" ports on the Lennox surround sound system. Take note of the number printed next to the input, as this is the input you must select on the control panel in order to listen to the audio.

Power on the digital television and the Lennox surround sound system.

Select the audio input number to which you've connected the digital television. The audio from the TV begins to play over the Lennox speakers.